👻 Haunt Chaser

Chasers vs Entity



1 Camera / Speed
2 EMG / Teleport
3 Ward / Invisibility
4 Sigil
5 Mystic Stone
6 Parabolic

Tab Tasks
Q Pie Menu
V Voice Chat
Middle Mouse = proton light
Space Ping
F torch

E Interact
L-Shift Sprint
L-Ctrl Crouch


After the entity eats your face, you get sent to purgatory. There is a plaque on the wall of purgatory - tell your fellow chasers the name and years on the plaque, then they need to head to the cemetary and "Interact" with a coffin that has the same name in order to bring you back.

Tasks (Tab)

Solve puzzles
Complete Quest
Banish entity

Collect toys
Reveal entity heart
Destroy entity on final altar


Sigil Spell = Spikey Key triangle
[Recharge : bag] Block door/passage for a period

EMF = meter
[Unlimited] Detect ANY presence in near vicinity.
Haunted areas may mislead players.

Mystic stone = chunky thing
[Unlimited] Gives different vision, see invisible

Parabolic microphone = beaked dish
[Unlimited] past events
detect buried treasure

Camera = camera emoji
[Unlimited] see invisible

Proton light = zap gun
[Recharge : toy] Drive off the entity
Requires toy piece to recharge

Ward = Cow with spikes
[Recharge : scrolls] Trap entity when it runs over the ward spot

Speed = fast skull
Entity spell to catch chasers

Teleport = fly
Entity spell to teleport to skull with eyes

Invisibility = bushy eye
Entity spell to no be seen

Haunting voice = loud speaker
Entity spell to confuse and panic chasers

Middle button when close to entity
replenish by completing an objective
→grab a toy

Lock a doorway or port
Trap the entity

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